Mind and Machine

The machine that will take me through this voyage deserves some words. Can you imagine Star Trek having the magnitude it has without the fleet of beautiful beasts it displays? The vessel is just as important as everything else.

My machine is comparable to the ships only in terms of beauty, nothing more, unfortunately. It’s simple and sleek white in colour with the perfect curves. The little (compared to the ships of Star Fleet) beast inside my machine has a beautiful and powerful mind as it runs Mac OS X 10.6 in a brain of 2.4 GHz with a memory of 2 GB. It’s not one of the Enterprise Series but it runs well and is just as loved.

The mind that is so eager to go on the journey with this machine is a simple one with big dreams and craving for adventure and challenge. It is average but hungry to grow beyond itself. It will have to be adequate for the journey ahead.


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