Back to Basics

After some more reading I find myself a bit lost and wishing to go back through some of the things I have read. So I put together this review of sorts summarizing the things I read which I am certain will serve as a great cheat sheet afterward.

//defining the structure of the class
#include "stuff"
@interface ClassName : SuperClassName
    variableTypes stateVariables;
//functions go here

//building the structure of the class
#include "theInterface"
@implmentation Class
//functions implemented

//running the main routine to execute logic
#include "stuff"
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
    NSLog(@"printing out to the console");
    return 0;
//variables used same way as in C/Java
int aVariable;

//objects are declared and initialized
NSObject anObject = [[NSObject alloc] init];
//they are freed by
[anObject dealloc];

//functions go this way
methodIdentifier (returnType)functionName:(parameterType)parameterName selector:(parameterType)parameterName
    return somethingOfReturnType;
//functions are called
[anObjectTakingMessages functionName:argument selector:argument];

That’s all I can think of being basic for now. I will update this posts if I think up some more things that should be considered basic.


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