jQuery UI in MVC3 to Spice It All Up

Look here!
jQueryUI in MVC3 Project

It’s jQuery UI! You might have read about it in Scott Gu’s post about MVC3 RC2. jQuery UI is going to be added by default in MVC3 projects. So, rejoice. And read on.

To find out how to use them in the projects, I went a-testing. Figured it would be easy and it was. But I made little progress, so I made a project out of it and put it on CodePlex.

Here’s the project. You’re welcome to help me extend it. It will be great to have a base project set up for future use.


6 Comments on “jQuery UI in MVC3 to Spice It All Up”

  1. ali62b says:

    The CSS(in layout) link is wrong. and when I fixed it it doesn’t show the datepicker … am I miss something ?

    • aredkid says:

      Yeah you are right, I corrected the link too. Thanks.

      I am having the same problem as you are, a CSS class called “ui-helper-hidden-accessible” is causing this issue. It comes from the jQuery theme. You can comment it out for now I guess, I am going to look for a solution and post back.

  2. Smoke Spices says:

    Im having gthe same issue, any help or update?

  3. ali62b says:

    Second source code release works but there is no style on date picker and, the third release still not working for me. wish you test the source code before you publish it next time pal!!!!

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