Objective Scrutiny: inTO

Okay, this may not be completely objective because I am really excited that a recent update… actually, overhaul of inTO is up on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace: http://bit.ly/GetInTO.

What’s this inTO you ask? Well, the idea is to aggregate events from all over Toronto, yes GTA, in a way that it’s easy to get on top of the kazillion things happening in the city. Windows Phone style.

I’ll allow this video to demonstrate:

So, what’s the scrutiny? Well, you really should have seen Version 1.0. Hey, I was just learning Silverlight… But with the help of the team at Fersh, we cleaned up my act and the app. Redesigned the UI a bit, made it more consistent, got rid of a bunch of bugs that tend to creep in when you’re up at 5 am coding your brains out.

The good in it:

  • “in and out” of the application in no time,
  • huge amount of data at your service, searchable too,
  • the data is locally saved, so your data usage is not so huge,
  • easy sharing via email, sms and of course Facebook,
  • a completely feature-complete trial* version.

And not-so-good (hey, I said it won’t be that objective):

  • lengthy loading time; don’t blame me, it’s not my fault Toronto is a happening city,
  • no categorization of the events; I am working on that next,
  • searching isn’t the most accurate; not really noticeable but I know because I wrote it.

Well, I hope, all in all, the experience won’t be too obvious… in keeping with the Windows Phone 7 spirit. Again, the trial* version is feature complete, so give it a shot for sure: http://bit.ly/GetInTO!

*trial: a free version of a Windows Phone application, available for most applications.


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