1Transit for them All (Exclusively for WP7)

A few days ago we released 1Transit. Softly. It is an exclusive Windows Phone 7 transit application that is a bundle of simple but robust and hopefully useful features.

Features Like

The application serves data for over 20 transit agencies across North America. Yes, built for travel.

We wanted you to be able to find things fast. Thus, the searching is fast. Something we like to showoff to our friends.

No your eyes do not fool you. Those are live updates that you can receive for transit stops around you. We implemented a bookmarking (aka pinning in the Windows world) feature too, so that you can get these updates with only a touch.

Not impressed? Try it for yourself and maybe you will be. Fingers crossed.

Coming Soon

We have put much weight behind this application and we’ll be building on the current version. In the coming updates we are looking to,

  • Utilize location to enrich the experience,
  • Provide schedules and maps of routes,
  • Implement live updates of vehicle locations,
  • Add support for more agencies.

Coming Sooner

Yes, 1Transit is exclusive for WP7 but we have been working on a version for our fellow smartphone users on Android and iOS. Stay tuned for that.


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